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Products Available

eCO2 Technologies have adapted several enEX designs to suit Australian conditions, and have also developed several products specifically aimed at current local market demand.

These products are all aimed at the retail refrigeration market and fall into two distinct categories:

A) CO2-only systems

Single or multi-compressor rack systems capable of providing low temperature (LT) and medium/high temperature (MT/HT) cooling through direct expansion of liquid CO2 in case or cool room evaporators.

These systems do NOT require an additional high stage refrigeration system and can operate either in sub-critical or trans-critical mode depending on ambient conditions.

These systems are technically and commercially feasible in most non-tropical climatic areas of Australia, and throughout New Zealand. eCO2 product ranges include:

  • Eco Freez (compound 2-stage LT racks)
  • Eco Cool (single-stage MT racks)
  • Eco Duo (2-stage LT and MT racks)

The capacity ranges available are suited to all supermarket applications.

Eco duo left view

B) Cascade or subcritical systems

Single or multi-compressor rack systems are capable of providing LT and MT cooling similar to CO2 only systems. However these systems are designed for permanent sub-critical operation only, and either require a separate high stage refrigeration system to provide cooling to condense the CO2, or require suitable means to ensure that condensing temperatures remain below the critical temperature (e.g. single or two-stage evaporative pre-cooling).

eCO Freez LP cascade right

eCO2 product ranges include:

  • Eco Freez LP Cascade (single stage LT racks, low pressure condensing),
  • Eco Freez Cascade (single stage LT racks, high pressure condensing)
  • Eco Cool Cascade (single stage MT racks, high pressure condensing)
  • Eco Duo Cascade (two-stage LT and MT racks, high pressure condensing)

All high pressure condensing racks can also operate without a high stage system if subcritical condensing can be assured. Cascade systems are feasible under any Australian climatic conditions but generally are more costly than CO2-only systems.

Permanent subcritical systems, though limited in their geographical range of suitability, on the other hand, can represent a solution that is price competitive even against conventional HFC systems.

eCO2 Technologies designed and constructed a fully operational Eco Freez LP cascade demonstration unit together with our commercial partner Heatcraft Australia.
Since September 2008 this unit has been used to demonstrate our capabilities to a wide range of potential end-users and contractors.

Please visit again soon for further details about our following products and services:

  • CO2 Compressor rack systems
  • CO2 Heat pumps
  • Special and custom designed products
  • System design services
  • Site commissioning support
  • Client product development services

enEX air to water heat pump

Heat pump


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