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eCO2 Expertise:

We have the engineering resources, experience and IP to provide engineering service related to:

  • Sub- and transcritical CO2 systems for commercial and industrial refrigeration, heat pump applications and air-conditioning
  • High stage systems using natural refrigerant (ammonia and hydrocarbons) for CO2 subcritical systems
  • Associated electronic control systems

In conjunction with our partner company Minus40, we can provide design services for Hydrocarbon and Hydrocarbon-blend systems as well as pumped-reticulated CO2 systems, where these present a viable alternative to CO2 compressor systems.

Summary of main business areas:

  • Our main current business focus is in the following key areas:
  • Provision of engineering services to refrigeration and air-conditioning manufacturing companies for the design and development of CO2-based products, generally via a partnership agreement.
  • Design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment for retail applications (sales and distribution via Heatcraft Australia)
  • Design and commissioning support services to commercial and industrial refrigeration contracting firms, generally on project basis
  • Design and manufacture of CO2 heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications.  Direct marketing by eCO2, or through sales partners
  • Design and manufacture of CO2-based small commercial package units for commercial refrigeration applications. Direct marketing by eCO2, or through sales partners.

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